YSRC Accuses Naidu, TD Leaders of Misleading Public on Skill Development Scam

Update: 2023-10-03 18:52 GMT

Vijayawada: The ruling YSRC leaders have accused Telugu Desam chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, his son Lokesh and other TD leaders of attempts to mislead the people on the AP skill development scam, so as to gain public sympathy.

YSRC leaders say the investigation agency had started its probe a long time ago and came up with all requisite evidence. The judiciary was also accepting these by sending Naidu to judicial custody, “but the TD leaders are trying to distort facts” to bring the former CM out on bail from jail.

They say that gone were the days when Naidu could manipulate things and manage the systems in his favour so as to evade the arms of law. A time has come when the people could no longer be misguided or hoodwinked from facts established by the AP-CID and central investigation agencies, the YSRC leaders claim.

Information minister Ch. Venugopal Krishna said, “Chandrababu had been taught a bitter lesson in the last elections itself as his party won just 23 Assembly seats. No leader can fool the people for a long time by making hollow promises. The time has come for Naidu to face trial and if he is innocent he will come out clean. If he is guilty, he will have to face the consequences.”

“Our government is not showing any political vendetta as the cases were filed by the CID on its own. They are coming up with evidence and it is up to Naidu to prove that he is innocent.”

Several leaders and ministers from the YSRC have been repeatedly maintaining that their government played no role in the arrest of Naidu and others.

Housing minister Jogi Ramesh said, “The irregularities took place between 2014 and 2019 in the skill development scam. The TD government was in power. So, the people can no longer be carried away by the claims of Naidu, Lokesh and others that they are being targeted to settle political scores when elections are round the corner.”

“We can see the poor support Naidu is getting from the public. They realised that Naidu resorted to corrupt practices and he deserves the punishment.”


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