BRS leaders losing hope of winning seats: Bandi

Update: 2023-11-03 17:15 GMT
Bandi Sanjay attended a meeting with booth-level leaders at a private function venue in Rekurthi, Karimnagar district on Friday.(Image source:Twitter)

Karimnagar:  Bandi Sanjay Kumar, MP for Karimnagar, claimed that the BRS leaders have given up hope of winning elections and they are now openly stating to the people that their party is expected to secure the third position in the Karimnagar Assembly elections.

On Friday, Sanjay attended a meeting with booth-level leaders at a private function venue in Rekurthi, Karimnagar district. Speaking during the meeting, Sanjay stated that he was only able to challenge Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao because of the people's backing, despite the fact that he has no political background and no personal or financial power.

"When I was traveling around the state supporting BJP candidates, some of the leaders spread rumors that he had compromised with the BRS candidate. I am not a person who can compromise, and I will continue to fight KCR," the BJP MP stated.

Sanjay stated that when he decided to run for Assembly elections, KCR predicted that the BRS's nominee would lose. KCR did not hand over the B-form to Gangula Kamalakar for five days in order to change the BRS candidate from Karimnagar. However, when Kamalakar offered to spend more than 100 crores of rupees on the elections, he claimed that KCR gave him the B-form to him.

Later, Kamalakar fled to Hyderabad's Darussalam and begged MIM Owaisi for assistance. Kamalakar kept Karimnagar's self-esteem at the feet of Owaisi. After winning on the TDP ticket, Kamalakar switched parties and joined the ruling BRS. But, unlike Kamalakar, he is not planning to switch parties; whether he wins or loses, he would remain loyal to the saffron flag and the BJP, he stressed.

The entire state of Telangana is waiting to see what the outcome of the Assembly elections in the Karimnagar constituency will be. The people of Karimnagar must send a proper lesson to the BRS party candidate who has thrown Karimnagar's self-esteem at the feet of the MIM party, he said.


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