Koushik Reddy's Huzurabad visit turns into a carnival

Update: 2023-09-02 20:17 GMT
With the opening of airbags present in the car Koushik Reddy survived without receiving any injuries whereas, the biker who sustained injuries in the accident was shifted to the government hospital in Huzurabad. Facebook

 KARIMNAGAR: BRS workers and leaders on Saturday took out a massive rally from the Huzurabad bus depot to Ambedkar Circle to welcome the Chief Whip of state Assembly, MLC Padi Koushik Reddy, who was visiting for the first time since announcing his candidature for the upcoming polls.

A large number of people from villages of Huzurabad’s five mandals were also on hand to accord the leader a grand welcome. The event turned into a rally, roadshow and a show of strength by the ruling party.

A wide array of artists playing different musical instruments and partaking in ‘kolatam’ formed part of the leader’s entourage.

Large cut-outs of the leader also featured prominently on the route, with a crane garlanding one of the cut-outs. A few enthusiastic BRS activists also brandished swords and ‘talwars’, causing a mild panic among the public.

Although IT minister K.T. Rama Rao announced Koushik Reddy’s candidature during his visit to Huzurabad on February 1, chairman of tourism development corporation Gellu Srinivas Yadav and former minister E. Peddi Reddy were also thought to be in the frame. But, the Chief Minister confirmed Koushik Reddy as his first choice.


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