Majoritarian democracy should be replaced with participative democracy: Owaisi

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AIMIM's 63rd revival day celebrations were held at the party headquarters Darussalam

The BJP's national leadership came to defeat the MIM and started talking about a surgical strike, but they failed in Telangana, Owaisi said. — PTI file photo

Hyderabad: MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said on Tuesday that every downtrodden person in the country wants that his voice should be heard and his problems attended to, but he feels suffocated from the form of majoritarian democracy.

“If a majoritarian form of democracy continued we would not be able to fulfill the dreams held by our freedom fighters. We have to revive and strengthen participative democracy,” Owaisi said while addressing AIMIM's 63rd revival day celebrations at the party headquarters Darussalam.

Owaisi said the MIM emboldens the oppressed communities and raises a voice against injustice by expanding its base from state to state. “The party will decide when and where to contest as per its poll strategy.” Here, the BJP's national leadership came to defeat the MIM and started talking about a surgical strike, but they failed. “Now our party reached Gujarat to counter this surgical strike. Within a matter of a few days, our party succeeded in gaining public trust. We will contest in UP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and other states,” he said.

Owaisi expressed support to the farmers' agitation and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to listen to farmers’ demands and repeal the laws as these were not scriptures. “MIM stands with the farmers; it stands with the families of 200 farmers who died during the agitation. I salute them. PM Modi is not ready to withdraw these laws due to his arrogance.”

The MIM chief said, "I am going to Malerkotla, stop me if you can. I will meet the Sikh brothers. The Muslims, Dalits, Sikh, Christians and Adivasis and even many sections among the Hindus are looking for an alternate. BJP is losing its ground."

Owaisi said peace prevailed in Telangana for the last many years. “This should be continued. For this, we will give credit to the KCR government, the administration and the police machinery.”

Referring to a communal incident that happened in Maula Ali, he said if the Sangh Parivar thought we are not keeping a watch on them, they are wrong. You don't need to think about what mistakes the Bihar and West Bengal governments made. The same incidents will happen here. We are asking the KCR government to analyse the reports from the states where such incidents have happened and prepare a strategy to avert such situations”.

Owaisi said, “Our rivals alleged that we were the B Team in Bihar. But we won five seats in the assembly. AIMIM was the party that first raised the issues of the backwardness and the injustices done on the Seemanchal region. We will ensure developmental activities in that region. We will fight for justice and even do 'Chakka Jam' in Bihar and close National Highways if justice is not done to Seemanchal.”