TD Mahila says YSRC has forgotten its manifesto

Update: 2023-06-01 20:07 GMT
Telugu Mahila president Vangalapudi Anitha. (Image Source: Twitter)

VISAKHAPATNAM: Telugu Mahila president Vangalapudi Anitha took a shot at YSRC saying though the ruling party is claiming that it has fulfilled 98 per cent of its promises made in its 2019 manifesto, it has ignored its main tenets.

Talking to reporters in Visakhapatnam on Thursday, Anitha underlined that though YSRC declared that it will phase out liquor from Andhra Pradesh, the state government has gone back on its word.

“Maybe the leaders have forgotten their promise on liquor,” the Mahila leader stated.

Taking on tourism minister R.K. Roja, Anitha said Roja had been initiated into politics by TD chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, under whom she learnt the rudiments of politics. “But she is now criticising her mentor,” the Mahila chief pointed out.

Anitha maintained that no investor is coming to the state, whereas they would have rushed with funds if invited by the former chief minister. “Only Chandrababu Naidu can create wealth in the state,” she observed.

The TD Mahila president claimed the mini-manifesto that TD has announced in Rajahmundry Mahanadu has created a flutter within the ruling YSRC. She said Chandrababu Naidu has assured three cylinders under Deepam scheme. “If Jagan Mohan Reddy had guts, let him announce six cylinders,” she challenged.

Anitha called an “unusual” speaker Tammineni Sitaram remarks that Chandrababu Naidu’s Z Plus security be removed. “75 lakh yellow commanders will protect Chandrababu Naidu,” she declared.


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