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BRS is doing nothing for the people: Bhatti


Published on: June 2, 2023 | Updated on: June 2, 2023

CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. (Image Source: Twitter)

HYDERABAD: CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka on Friday said that people's lives did not transform in Telangana even though the state was formed ten years back.

When his padayatra entered Balmuru in the Atchampeta constituency on the 78th day on Friday, Bhatti said it was AICC chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who made the decades-old struggle of people for separate Telangana State a reality.

"As the deputy speaker, I played my part in the Assembly and introduced the State Reorganisation Bill," recalled Bhatti.

Though we achieved geographical Telangana, the objectives for which State was formed- irrigation facilities, funds, and recruitments were not realised. People have lost their self-respect and freedom of expression under the BRS government, he said.

Indiramma houses and the Amma Hastham scheme to distribute nine types of essential commodities through the PDS that were provided to people in the combined State were withdrawn by the BRS government, he said.

The BRS government created the biggest land scam in the country through Dharani, the land registrations portal, Bhatti alleged.