New Year bash starts bit early in Vizag city

Update: 2022-12-31 19:22 GMT
People travel in a car as they celebrate the New Year at the Benz Circle in Vijayawada. (C. Narayana Rao/DC)

VISHAKHAPTNAM: After a Covid-induced two-year lull, Vizagites were at their best to celebrate New Year Eve with friends and family late Saturday evening. Events stretched from coast battery from the southern end of the beach to Bheemili dotted in between with mind-blowing events. Visakhapatnam city police imposed several restrictions but youngsters broke the barriers to make the evening a memorable one.

Even as star hotels and beach-side destinations lit up the evening with invigorating music and unlimited food, the beach-side venues remained the crowd pullers.

Hundreds of people were seen near the TU 142 aircraft museum and submarine museum. As a preventive measure, police banned vehicular movement from evening onwards.

Entry prices at some events ranged from Rs 1200 per single to Rs 6,000 from makeshift venues to the star hotels. Hotels offered unlimited food and drinks till midnight.

The demand for food was huge in some places where the eateries had long queues and special staff to handle customers. Some sober persons celebrated the evening at home due to which orders on food delivery apps peaked as the night progressed and delivery boys sprang into action to meet the demand.
However, the biggest non-alcoholic event was held at MGM Park on the beach road where popular singers entertained the crowd till the police whistle was sounded. Apart from food and music, some celebrities gave appearances on and off to cheer the crowd.

The evening was celebrated in a unique way at Gokarting park at Anandapuram on the national highway, about 30 km from the city.

Some youngsters organized the event far away from the city in farm houses to avoid police surveillance.

While the city swayed to music and drinks, groups of families moved to resorts in ASR districts to avoid police interferences. There were fire camps around which the people drank and danced till sunrise.

On the other hand, devout families thronged churches to offer midnight prayers.

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