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Traffic Police ASI suspended after kicking woman in Bengaluru

31 January 2022

Bengaluru: A Traffic Police Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in Bengaluru has been suspended after he was seen allegedly kicking a woman near the Town Hall in Bengaluru in a video that went viral, informed the traffic police in the statement.

Traffic Police said that he had attacked her after she tried to hit him with a stone when her car, parked in a no-parking zone, was towed. The incident took place on January 24.

"Traffic ASI Mr Narayan who allegedly assaulted a woman is suspended on January 29," said the traffic police in the statement.

"ASI attacked her after the lady got angry and tried to attack him with a stone. As her car was towed which was in no parking zone," the statement added.

The woman has been sent to police custody.