Fake astrologer flees with housewife’s ornaments, held

Update: 2023-01-30 04:45 GMT
The complainant, Ms Thaduri Sarala, 48, told the police that on October 21 she went out shopping at about 3 pm. When she returned at around 6.15 pm, she found the doors open. On checking the house, she found that gold and silver ornaments worth Rs 18 lakh were missing. (Representational image)

Hyderabad: The special operation team and LB Nagar police arrested a man who had fled with gold ornaments belonging to a woman within six hours of the crime being reported, and recovered gold ornaments worth Rs 40,000 from him.

The accused Vibudi Ramulu, posed as a tribal astrologer and pretended to forecast the victim Cheekatla Veeralaxmi’s future. He distracted her by asking her to bring rice, water and a bowl and place her pusthela thadu (weighing six grams) in it. He asked her to bring turmeric. When she went inside, he made off with the gold.

Veeralaxmi approached the LB Nagar police immediately. The LB Nagar police and SOT formed two teams, checked the CCTV footage and nabbed Ramuly at the LB Nagar bus stand by 7 pm. Ramulu  was earlier arrested by Dindi police of Nalgonda district and Saroornagar police for similar crimes.

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