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Pubs and Bars in Hyderabad Will Return to Life from Today


Published on: September 29, 2023 | Updated on: September 29, 2023

The cricket World Cup, which brings in more customers, is round the corner. Representational image/DC

HYDERABAD: Big bash events and revelry will be back in pubs and bars as party-goers will return to their favourite joints this weekend. And that is cause for celebration for all pubs and bars in the city.

This marks a fresh beginning for the customers, most of whom had to give up on their favourite drinks and non-veg dishes during Sravan and the festive season that began in August.

Following the completion of Ganesh idol immersion on Friday, pub and bar owners have lined up special plans to welcome the guzzlers and their regular clientele. Most pubs and bars had a lean attendance for the past several weeks.

Dora Madan Goud from a bar in Machabolaram, said, "There was a 50 per cent drop in alcohol and non-veg sales."

Prabhu Ravikanth David, manager of a pub at Begumpet, said "This is a part of the business, which is driven by sentiments of the people. After having enjoyed a 100 per cent patronage all along, our pub’s occupancy dipped considerably. I am confident that from this weekend onwards, we will have more table reservations. Marking this occasion, we have lined up some celebrated DJ’s."

In a way, the timing seems perfect. The cricket World Cup, which brings in more customers, is round the corner.

According to A. Jaya Prakash, general manager of a brewery, "The days of less attendance will be passé. The World Cup will bring back youth, families and cricket lovers. Moreover, our pub boasts of the biggest screens in the twin cities. And then there will be music to add to the celebration."

The lead singer of popular music band, Kalyan Project, which plays in pubs, said, "As performers, we like houseful audiences. Over the last few weeks, we were performing before a few customers. I am sure that things will get better from this Saturday."