Cops hasten to clear pending traffic challans against them

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Tweet about a police vehicle’s dues triggers panic (Representational/DC Image)

HYDERABAD: The Telangana police went on an overdrive on Wednesday morning. It was not to nab offenders or foil a terror plot but to clear traffic challans of their own vehicles.

This was triggered by a netizen who brought to light pending challans on a police vehicle. Police all over the state, particularly in the three city commissionerates, put their staff on the job to check if their vehicles had pending challans and to clear them immediately.

Though the department is tight-lipped on how many challans were cleared since Wednesday, it was learnt that they ran into a few hundreds.

According to sources, after a Wednesday’s tweet that went viral claiming that a vehicle (TS09PA 1234) allotted to the Telangana police had outstanding challans of Rs 6,945 for six offences, all officers were on their toes to check if there were any challans pending on vehicles allotted to them, their police stations, their wings and got them cleared.

 “Now we can confidently say that no vehicle allotted to the police department has any pending traffic challans,” he said.