Poster campaign on failures of AP government

Update: 2023-06-27 20:00 GMT
Telugu Desam has launched its 'Nalugella Narakam' (Four Years of Hell) campaign to highlight the failures of the Jagan Mohan Reddy government. (Image Source: Twitter)

VIJAYAWADA: The Telugu Desam has launched its 'Nalugella Narakam' (Four Years of Hell) campaign to highlight the “failures” of the Jagan Mohan Reddy government.

Under this, TD leaders and cadres put up posters across the state to highlight statistics on crime and how law and order have been “compromised” in the state. Posters were put up in Guntur Complex, government hospitals in Vijayawada and Ongole Railway Station.

Some of the key issues highlighted on the posters were the state's “rising” crime rates, attack on backward classes and women, closure of aided schools and removal of scholarships for PG students, farmer suicides, the halt to Arogyasri services, the shift of MNC companies, and unemployment.

TD leaders said posters on Women's Safety listed the number of sexual assaults, acid attacks and attacks on women in the state; these having increased from 7,039 in 2020 and 10,373 in 2021 to 11,895 in 2022. The 'Disha' law, which should have provided more protection to women, has still not been implemented, the posters stated.

“The future of students is at stake, farmer suicides are high in number, and there is a low investment in Health and Infrastructure, and unemployment is high,” the posters noted.

TD leaders said that in the next few days, the party’s "Nalugella Narakam" campaign will feature more such posters, rallies and marches across the state. The party has asked cadres and the public to join the campaign on social media with the hashtag #NalugellaNarakam and share their experiences vis-a-vis the YSRC government's “failed” administration.


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