Telangana changes names of farm seasons: Here's what vanakalam and yasangi mean

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The new terms replace the Nizam-era coinage of kharif and rabi

Is that vanakalam or yasangi? Depends on the rains.

Hyderabad: The Telangana government has issued orders changing the nomenclature of agriculture seasons in the state.

Earlier, in the official correspondence of combined Andhra Pradesh, agriculture activity during the rainy season was called kharif and the summer crop rabi. But in Telangana as a region, the local farming community called the kharif season vanakalam (rainy season) and the rabi season yasangi.

It has now been decided to bring nativity into the naming of seasons as per the sentiments of the farming community.

Accordingly, the Agriculture Department has issued orders directing departments concerned to replace from now on the terms Kharif and Rabi in their official communication with Vanakalam (rainy season) and Yasangi (summer season) respectively.