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Bountiful rains, bumper harvest for farmers


Published on: March 22, 2023 | Updated on: March 22, 2023

 This gets even more gripping with meanings read, and understood, in an election year.   Representational Image/DC

HYDERABAD: ‘Panchanga Sravanam’ on Ugadi is a serious business. After all, much might be riding on what the stars foretell for the year ahead. This gets even more gripping with meanings read, and understood, in an election year. If the predictions by three different specialists in forecasting the future is anything to go by, the Telugu New Year, ‘Shobhakrut Nama Samvatsara’, will see some interesting things happen in Telangana, with much riding for the BRS, the BJP, and the Congress as they tune, re-tune, cast and re-cast their strategies to ensure a victory for themselves when the Assembly elections are held sometime around this November.

If the three panchangams read at three different Ugadi celebration events on Wednesday are anything to go by, those in politics might do well if they remember to wear their seat-belts for this year promises, if nothing, a hectic roller-coaster ride with possibilities of palace intrigues, division and dissension within ranks, and the necessity to shed copious amounts of sweat in the pursuit of political success.

At the official Ugadi celebrations and Panchanga Sravanam at Ravindra Bharathi, Bachampalli Santosh Kumar Sastry, who read the Panchangam predicted severe heat wave conditions in April and May, and heavy rains, cyclones in August and September. He also predicted bumper harvest this year.

The government has to be extra cautious this year while undertaking recruitment processes to fill vacancies in various government departments, he cautioned adding that there will be abundant employment opportunities for unemployed in the state, he said. There was some good news too with a prediction that prices would come down slightly providing some relief to the people.

While there need not be concerns over Covid or viral fevers, the state could face challenges on the food adulteration front for which the government will need to take preventive measures. There will be no troubles on account of Covid or viral fevers this year, he said, adding that the year will be beneficial for farmers with good rains and bumper harvest. "They will get remunerative prices," he said.

Sastry predicted that the country may witness natural calamities, communal and social rifts in March 2024. North India may witness fire accidents during the same period. He also predicted that women will assert their dominance in all the fields this year.