Roads continue to be a nightmare

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The situation is worse during peak traffic times – office hours – endangering the lives of those attempting to cross the road.

The streetlights on our avenue in Janakpuri, Secunderabad, are not functioning since a month.

Complete FoB across Pragathi Bhavan soon

Work on the foot overbridge (FoB) for pedestrians to cross the busy road safely, which is being constructed across the road between Lifestyle building and the Chief Minister’s camp-office (Pragathi Bhavan) in Begumpet, is going at a very tardy pace. This road witnesses heavy traffic flow the entire day. The situation is worse during peak traffic times – office hours – endangering the lives of those attempting to cross the road. I request the authorities concerned to ensure work is completed at the earliest.

— Thatikonda Rahul, Begumpet

Road in tatters, accidents increase in Kavadiguda
My issue is regarding rainwater and dump on the road, which is leading to many accidents, especially for bike riders. I have complained to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation via their respective apps but no action has been taken so far. This is a busy road located at Padmashali Colony, Road no 20.
— Mohammed Imroz Kavadiguda

Streetlights in Janakpuri not working

The streetlights on our avenue in Janakpuri, Secunderabad, are not functioning since a month. The SCB conveniently dispensed with the complainant register, so we now have only a phone number to call. But no one answers this number. If at at they do, they say they will come someday or give another phone number. This is going on for a month.
Same is case of roadside sweepers who keep sweeping outside VIP homes and offices three times a day but don't even come to colonies even once a month. The SCB, which collects property tax promptly and water tax for whole year in advance, should show same efficiency in other civic matters.
— Ms Sunil Kumar Janakpuri

Viral fevers spreading in Chintal Basti

TI am a resident of Chintal Basti, Khairthabad. Since its pictures depict the situation of our area from past two months eloquently, I will spare words. The photo is of a spot situated besides the government degree college. Despite calling and complaining to the GHMC many times, no response or action from them. No one has visited or area to either understanding our sufferings, or help prevent or stop further spread of dengue and viral fevers here. Requesting authorities to look into the matter and take necessary steps.

— Haridhar Kadaram Chintal Basti, Khairatabad

Road in dangerous state

The road from Hotel Sohail Malakpet to Nalgonda crossroads is in a very dangerous situation. It has several big potholes and across its length is comprised of uneven surface, especially the stretch opposite Suprabhat Tiffins. Many accidents have happened here due to slippery and bad quality concrete. A new road was laid just before the rainy season, which disappeared after the first big rain. There are bus stops, colleges, shops, petrol pumps, all of which are facing untold difficulties, especially when it rains. The state of the road near the signal is worse. Requesting the GHMC authorities to look into this issue.
— Md Wasif Qader Azampura

Whitefield Road ‘underwater’ for months

This road is part of a single and only internal lane of Whitefield Roads, Kondapur, which connects a busy road from HiTech City Cyber City going to Kothaguda X-roads to the Botanical Gardens road leading to Ring Road. It is close to Google, Facebook, Oracle, TechM offices, and has a mega lord Rama temple at one corner. This road becomes a swimming pool during rains. For last few months, this is how traffic has been in this part of the city.
The GHMC has not undertaken work, repairs, or helped with flushing out the water during these rainy months at all, despite several complaints. Shame on GHMC for ignoring us so badly and being indifferent to our plight. Worse, with schools opening tomorrow, you can imagine the chaos and the risk and troubles kids and parents will have to face.

— Syeda Sara Gachibowli

Drainage overflowing daily

We are suffering from drainage overflows on the street at the New Neredmet village area. We people are experiencing the worst smells throughout the day, and it is posing a serious health hazard for all residents. Request GHMC authorities to take action against this problem.

— M. Divaker New Neredmet

Tree waste not picked up

The tree waste was dumped here after some branches were cut two weeks ago (Sunday, Oct. 6). Since then, no one has come to pick it up. This tree waste dump is causing inconvenience to residents and commuters in the colony. No GHMC official has responded even though we have complained several times.
— Vellore Sahil

Ali Nagar has no civic amenities

The Alinagar Qhuba Colony, under Maheswaram Assembly segment, lacks basic amenities such as sewage lines and drinking water supply. We are untouched by such progress as LED street lights, or three-phase power supply. Hand pumps have not been installed in the area for water supply, causing immense difficulties to residents. Requesting concerned GHMC authorities to provide people here with at least most basic of amenities.

— Abdul Aleem Hafeez Baba Nagar

Yapral ward 18 drowns in garbage

This might be a very hyper local complaint about ward no. 18, Yapral, but we, the disgruntled citizens, might be speaking for everyone in the city. Hyderabad seems to under siege – an RTC bus strike, cab strike, incessant rains, roads have drowned in overflowing and stagnant rainwater, roads filled with craters and mega potholes, overflowing sewage, garbage dumps, mosquito breeding grounds, and a health crisis.As the pictures here show of Yapral, supposedly a premium residential cantonment in Secunderabad, there is no civic infrastructure any more, only battered remnants, and shreds of amenities. GHMC authorities don’t seem to be bothered or care for the people – citizens or tax payers – anymore. The commissioner does not even care of reply. Despite numerous complaints to GHMC and engineering department about bad roads and garbage dumps on their app, and directly, no response. Roads are destroying our vehicles, garbage emanates unbearable stench and stray animals have taken over colonies.

— Alankritha Mandadi Disgruntled resident of Patels Green Park, Yapral

Rainwater, dump yard at Padmashali Colony Road no. 20

Here is a picture to capture the plight of our colony. Can the GHMC please help?

— Mohammed Imroz Padmashali Colony

Stray dogs at Moosarambagh Metro

The Moosarambagh Metro Rail station has become a resting place for stray dogs. When we try to enter the station from the staircase or escalators, they stand at the entry and create unnecessary fear among commuters. There is no security guard available at the spot. I request the authorities concerned of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited to take necessary action in this regard and post a security guard at the Moosarambagh Metro Station and other stations to safeguard commuters and give fearless travelling experience. We request the GHMC to clear the strays problem.
— Syed Nissar, Malakpet

Installed CCTV not working

There are several CCTV cameras installed at places across the city, including near and in residential areas to improve security through surveillance. But it doubtful if any follow-up action is being done regularly by the respective police stations. A fortnight ago, I sent three emails to the Tukaram Gate police station with a photo of a CCTV camera facing downwards, clicking mother earth, but I have not received any response.

This should have been corrected, ideally, without even a complaint if these were monitored regularly and the camera was working.  Police must ensure all CCTV cameras within their jurisdiction are working properly, which will help increase confidence of residents. I hope the higher authorities will direct the SHO s in this regard.

— Chandrasekhar
Teachers Colony, East Marredpally

Evict hawkers at Lalapet flyover

We, citizens and residents, request the Hyderabad traffic police to immediately evict the hawkers at the Lalapet flyover. There is a heavy traffic and frequent jams here due to the closure of the flyover on one side. The presence of hawkers makes commuting further difficult. Please help.

— Sabesan Krishnamurthy Janapriya Heavens, Lalapet