Telangana: Many facing difficulties from cases booked during Covid lockdown

Update: 2023-06-20 20:21 GMT

ADILABAD: Many people are facing difficulties because of ‘cases’ booked against them citing violation of lockdown norms during the Covid pandemic in the state.

Such persons are facing difficulties in getting bank loans and in professional matters though the cases were not criminal in nature. The Telangana government had promulgated the Epidemic Act during the lockdown.

As a result, the police are not giving clearances to applications for passports and the like. Some 30- 40 persons are facing such difficulty in the Adilabad district alone. Some applicants approach the Lok Adalat for closing their cases by paying a fine and submitting the clearance certificate to the regional passport office to get their passport issued.

Those facing such cases urge the authorities to impose fines and clear them of these cases as they were not criminal cases or settle all these cases in one go.

Sudeep Sankarneni of Adilabad town recently applied for a passport but the police did not clear the application during the inquiry.

Sudeep said the case was filed as he came onto the roads during the lockdown period. Recently, he came to know that his application for passport was pending as there was no police clearance due to the existing case.

Now, Sudeep is trying to clear the case pending against him along with nine others facing the same case, at the Lok Adalat.


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