Hot summer, scanty rainfall might hit water supply in Vizag

Update: 2023-04-21 18:43 GMT

VISHAKHAPATNAM: Soaring temperatures and forecast for a bleak southwest monsoon are worrying the people, mainly those in Madhurawada and Bheemili areas that face a post-monsoon water crisis -- a situation that might last till the next rainy season.

Environmentalists opine that high temperature leads to evaporation of water from the reservoirs and receding of groundwater. Visakhapatnam city witnessed a serious water crisis in 2017 and 2018, with less rainfall during the southwest monsoons.

“Irrespective of the weather conditions, we are safe this year and have enough water to cater to the needs of the people till the end of this year,’’ said executive engineer of water supply at GVMC, TL Sudhakar.

Talking to Deccan Chronicle, Sudhakar said problems persist in Madhurawada and Bheemli as there is no facility to draw from Gosthani. Tap connections are being given to these residents from various water sources. Water tankers are also being deployed in these two areas for their daily requirement.

Vizag has a population of 22.97 lakh and its daily water requirement is around 87 million gallons a day, of which 40 per cent goes to industries.

He said that, compared to previous years, the water level in the seven reservoirs that supply water to GVMC was much higher this year.

The highest volume of water, 193 MLD, is drawn from Yeleru (Godavari) and its current level is 79.65 metres, Raiwada 112.27 metres, Thatipudi295.5 feet, Mehadrigedda 55.30feet, Gosthani 30feet, Gambheeram 120feet and Mudasarlova 164 feet.

The GVMC has 2.74 lakh tap connections for homes, 1.27 lakh BPL connections, 8,766 hand bore wells, 8,299 public taps and the duration of supply is 45 minutes.

“When people queue up for tankers, we get an indication that their resources have gone dry. So far, we did not get a single request for tankers this year,’’ the EE said.


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