Formula E cars arrive for Indian Racing League

Update: 2022-11-17 19:28 GMT
The Formula E cars are set to vroom on the streets of Hyderabad on February 11. (Photo: Mahindra)

HYDERABAD: Formula E cars arrived here on Thursday for the Indian Racing League (IRL) weekend extravaganza on NTR Marg. They will be back on December 10 and 11 in a run up for the February 11 showpiece, the Formula E Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, works pertaining to the event are progressing at a brisk pace, including construction of galleries that can accommodate 35,000 spectators, racetrack, pedestrian bridges and temporary structures at strategic locations for emergency rescue teams.

The HMDA is building special safety equipment like tech pro barriers and debris fences around the tracks. The tracks need to have stringent safety requirements as the cars will touch speeds in excess of 300 km/hr during the race.

Tickets for the IRL race can be purchased online. They are of two categories — a regular daily pass for `749 and a weekend pass for Rs 1,249.

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