Chandrababu is confident of India emerging as global largest economy by 2047

Update: 2023-06-17 14:17 GMT
Chandrababu Naidu at the seminar on 'Deep Technologies' organised by the Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, who is known to be a visionary and tech-savvy, is confident that India will emerge as the world's largest or the second largest economy by 2047 with Indians becoming the richest community as global wealth creators and job creators.

Participating as the chief guest at the seminar on 'Deep Technologies' organised by the Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation (GSFT), a non-profitable organisation, here on Saturday, Chandrababu Naidu, also expressed confidence that the country will dominate the public governance and corporate governance too globally.

"Nobody can beat us on information technology or digital technology and fortunately India is also blessed with a demographic dividend," Chandrababu Naidu observed. To achieve this vision and reach the target to emerge as the global leader in technology, the former chief minister felt that India needs to work seriously on demographic management.

Chandrababu is of the opinion that if India focuses on demographic management then the country will emerge as the major supplier of foodgrains for the whole world besides becoming a manufacturing hub and a technology hub. He made an appeal to the participants to visualise India's advantages and strengths to move forward while at the same time ensuring that they do not neglect the have-nots because the concentration of wealth is now in the hands of only a few which is not good for the country or society.

"My vision is turning the poor into rich and this can be realised only with the cooperation of all of you," Chandrababu maintained. Recalling how he has rebuilt Hyderabad and successfully taken the city to global level, the former chief minister said that all this is possible only because of technological utilisation.

Pointing out how India's youth is today driving startups that are visualising the gaps and providing leadership, bringing knowledge and technology and uberisation and scale, Chandarbabu Naidu stated that he is now designing P-4 to reach his goal. Explaining in detail what P-4 is, he said People, Public, Private and Partnership is needed to achieve the goals that he has set now.  

"My earlier vision of P-3, which is Public, Private Partnership, has turned out to be a resounding success as almost all areas today have roads which are developed in this mode," Chandrababu fondly recalled fondly.

Indians always stand ahead of everyone in the world and in every foreign country one in four is an Indian and one in the four Indians is a Telugu person, he said proudly. "Telugus have been successful in the country and around the world. We should become influential and powerful in the same way as the Jewish community." Chandrababu observed.

Recounting how he used a powerpoint presentation and persuasion to convince the Microsoft founder, Mr Bill Gates, to set up its development centre in Hyderabad, the former chief minister said that once an employee in that organisation, who is an Indian, is now heading this globally-famous institute.

Stating that several people expressed fears and doubts when he started promoting biotechnology, the former chief minister stated that the vaccine for the Covid pandemic was developed only because Indians, particularly Telugu people, have now turned experts in biotechnology. This saved crores of lives across the globe, he said.

Chandrababu regretted that the present day politics is filled with people who do not have much knowledge in technology. "We need learned people to join politics to take the nation much ahead," he said, Stating that  strong leadership is important, he stressed the need for qualitative politicians. He appealed to people to bring awareness among voters on value of vote through social media and it is everyone’s responsibility to establish clean politics.  

On encouraging local languages in computing technology, Chandrababu said that majority of the companies are concentrating on localisation as per the increasing demand. "Now a common man is using a mobile phone better than anyone," he said, adding that more softwares should come in Indian languages and it will be a big revolution in future.


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