IRL races to test Formula-E track readiness

Update: 2022-11-16 18:12 GMT
The traffic police is likely to impose diversions from 8 am to 10 pm every day, from November 16 to 20, in view of the preparations for the Formula-E race at NTR Marg. (DC image)

HYDERABAD: The 2.7-kilometre Formula-E circuit around the Hussainsagar, through Necklace Road, will host Indian Racing League events on November 19-20 and December 10-11 as real-time tests to ensure safety standards are in place ahead of the Formula-E race in early 2023.

The FIA and FE bodies have already specified rigorous safety standards for cars as well as spectators, according to HMDA officials.

The IRL events are single-seater motor racing championships, equivalent to the Formula-3 races.

In a statement, HMDA said that Formula-E races are unique as the cars used can touch a speed of 300kmph on black-topped roads, unlike the F-1 cars, which require special tracks.

With 22 cars overtaking one another and navigating turns at breath-taking speeds, the safety of drivers and spectators will be of paramount importance, it said. Safety equipment, such as tecpro barriers, debris fences and track infrastructure are being set up ahead of the IRL races, it said.

Hyderabad will be the first Indian city to host the Formula-E race, in February 2023.

The statement said that the championship will be a testament to Hyderabad, not just recognising it as a global city on par with London, Paris, Monaco and Berlin, but also as a forward-thinking city with a focus on sustainability and promotion of EV technologies.

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