Telangana\'s new Secretariat will be named after Ambedkar, says KCR

Telangana Assembly asked Centre to name new Parliament after Ambedkar

Update: 2022-09-15 12:54 GMT
Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in an awareness meeting with Dalit representatives of Huzurabad at Pragati Bhavan. (Representational image: Twitter/TelanganaCMO)

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Thursday announced the naming of the new Telangana state Secretariat complex, which is under construction, after Bharat Ratna Dr B.R. Ambedkar.  The Chief Minister  issued instructions to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to take steps in this regard.

In a press release issued by the Chief Minister's Office (CMO), Rao said, “It is a proud moment to all Telangana people that the state’s main administration headquarters Secretariat is named after India’s social philosopher and highly intellectual Dr B.R. Ambedkar. This decision is exemplary for India. The Telangana state government is moving forward by adhering to the philosophy of Ambedkar that all the people of India should get equal respect in all fields.  The aspirations of Ambedkar are embodied behind achieving Telangana a role model status in the country within a short time in the self-governance by promoting all sections of people at high-level in the social, political, economic and cultural fields.”

Reminding that the formation of Telangana state became a reality in 2014 because of Article 3 incorporated by Ambedkar in the Indian Constitution, The Chief Minister said, “The Telangana state government is governing the state with human face for SC, ST, BC, minority and women communities as well as poor upper caste people by implementing B.R. Ambedkar’s constitutional spirit. Ambedkar’s dream of India has a unique democratic character of diversity.  Ambedkar’s spirit guides us that only by implementing the federal spirit, equal rights and opportunities will be provided to all communities.  The real Indianness is that the people of India are respected equally without discrimination of caste, creed, gender and region, and equal opportunities are provided to all.  Then only ,  the real India will be unveiled.”

Stating that the efforts of the Telangana state government  will continue in achieving the aims and objectives of Ambedkar, Rao said, “Moving forward with vision in all fields, Telangana state, which stood as an example for the country in the past, is once again standing as an example for the country by naming the state Secretariat after Dr B.R. Ambedkar.”

The Chief Minister opined that the demand to name India’s new Parliament building in Delhi after Ambedkar’s is not just a small issue. The Telangana state Assembly already adopted an unanimous resolution in this regard two days ago as it is only a befitting honour to the architect of India’s Constitution.

“A letter will also be written to the Prime Minister regarding the same. Considering the Telangana state government’s demand to name Parliament building after B.R. Ambedkar, I am reiterating the demand to the Centre to name Parliament building after Ambedkar,” Rao added. The new Secretariat was earlier planned to be inaugurated on October 5 on the occasion of Dasara. However, most of the finishing works are yet to be completed. Official sources said the inauguration would be possible only in 2023 either during Sankranti in January or Ugadi in March.

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