Paderu Adivasis say no to Uniform Civil Code

Update: 2023-07-14 20:49 GMT

 VISAKHAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh Adivasi Joint Action Committee (AJAC) has appealed to the Law Commission of India that it exclude tribal communities from application of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

In his appeal, district convener of AP AJAC Rama Rao Dora said if not excluded from UCC, the identity of Adivasis as tribals of India will be in danger.

He pointed out that for the uplift of Adivasis, many special laws like Pesa, Forest Rights Act and 1 / 70 Land Encroachment Control Act have been framed under the Constitution. Many rights of the tribal communities are protected through these laws. Once Adivasis are brought under UCC and general administration, tribal communities living in scheduled areas will be under threat.

Rama Rao Dora maintained that their traditional lives will be disrupted under effects of laws like divorce and adoption. He feared that tribal communities would end up losing their lands on a large scale.

The AP AJAC convener demanded that all existing laws governing tribes should be continued till members of their communities attain equality with all communities of India.


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