Naidu\'s 1-Kilo Weight Gain: Prison's DIG Ravi Kiran Addresses Health Concerns

Update: 2023-10-13 18:50 GMT
Jails DIG M.Ravi Kiran speaks to the media at the Central Prison in Rajamahendravaram on Friday. East Godavari district SP P.Jagadeesh and others are seen. (Image by A. Manikanta Kumar)

 KAKINADA: The DIG of Prisons, Ravi Kiran, has said all precautions are being taken on the security as well as health front for jailed Chadrababu Naidu in the Central Jail in Rajamahendravaram. Naidu gained his weight by a kilo, he said.

The official made it clear that there was no need to worry about Naidu’s health. He along with East Godavari SP P. Jagadish told the media at Rajamahendravaram on Friday night that Naidu’s weight went up from 66 kilos to 67 kilos.

“Though Naidu is one of the 2,039 prisoners there, his most privileged factor is considered and all precautions are being taken about his health and security. Three jail doctors are examining him three times daily and attending to his needs. Recently, he informed the jail authorities about rashes. A qualified dermatologist in the jail examined him and gave medicines. The jail authorities requested government hospital authorities to send their team for further check-up. An associate professor and assistant professor in dermatology examined him. They consulted with Naidu’s family doctor over phone and gave him adequate care.”

  “When Chandrababu arrived at jail, he brought with him his medicines and he was taking those medicines only. Jail doctors have not given any further medicines to him. To prevent the rashes and allergy, the dermatologists gave him creams and ointments. Sufficient water is being supplied to him. Though there is no provision of providing AC or air coolers in the Prison manual, the jail authorities are arranging 7 fans and mosquito nets for him to ward off the problem of mosquitoes.”

“Fumigation is done daily. There were more than 100 prisoners in the Sneha block barrack. They were sent to another barrack and it has been provided exclusively to Chandrababu in a hygienic condition. Seven jail officers, headed by a head jailor, are looking after him round the clock. When he needs food, the jailer head will test it first and give him. If anyone wants to meet Naidu, the jailer takes him or her to Naidu. During this time, other prisoners or prison officers are not allowed in the meeting place.’’

Ravi Kiran said there was no truth in the allegations made by Chandrababu Naidu’s family members or his party leaders about him losing a weight of five kilos.

Answering a query about the jail authorities not allowing former finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu as a practicing advocate, Ravi Kiran said, “We took a list of advocates referred by Chandrababu. If the referred advocates send their juniors, they are allowed to meet him. If the courts or higher authorities instruct the jail to provide ACs etc, this can be done," he said.

He made it clear that the jail superintendent has the right to release health bulletin, not doctors.

Ravi Kiran said CC cameras were working round the clock and every movement of Chandrababu was being recorded in it. From time to time, reports were being sent to the government. “I and SP Jagadish are reviewing the security arrangements once a week and we would take fresh steps, if necessary.”

He said that recently, a drone movement appeared outside the jail and the SP was investigating this.


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