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We will stand by you, Revanth tells tenant farmers


Published on: September 13, 2023 | Updated on: September 13, 2023

TPCC president A. Revanth Reddy. (DC)

 Hyderabad: TPCC chief A. Revanth Reddy on Wednesday slammed the government for allegedly ignoring tenant farmers and assured them of support if the Congress forms the next government at the state level.

"Despite their best efforts, they are denied crop loans, input subsidy and compensation for crop loss and are bearing the brunt of the crisis without any help. Denied even Rythu Bandhu, they are suffering mental stress," Revanth said in an open letter, addressed to tenant farmers.

He said that despite there being 22 lakh tenant farmers, working on 40 per cent of the lands, the government is looking the other way.

"It is no surprise that 80 per cent of those who end their lives are tenant farmers. But CM KCR has categorically said in the Assembly that he won’t consider you as farmers," Revanth said.

Revanth said that the lack of a plan and government apathy have left agriculture in the doldrums, affecting crop diversity in the state.

"Our Farmer’s Declaration was released to address exactly this situation with Rahul Gandhi in attendance," he said.

He promised Rs 15,000 per acre as input help and Rs 12,000 to farm labourers. "Our government will ensure better remunerative prices for the crops and ensure compensation in case of crop loss due to natural calamities. We will stand by you in such circumstances," he said.

Listing Congress schemes, he said that the party has stood by farmers historically. He credited Congress for starting a free power scheme, passing Bills to empower tenant farmers, giving subsidised loans, crop insurance, MSP and other subsidies for seeds and inputs.

"Our rank and file, from an ordinary worker to our top brass, is committed to implement the Warangal Declaration in letter and spirit. I appeal to all of you not to lose hope and stand by the Congress," Revanth wrote.