Holy month of Ramzan begins

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Managements of many masjids shortened the duration of Taraweeh prayers

Muslims share food as they break their first fast in the Holy Month of Ramzan at Macca Masjid, Charminar, Hyderabad. (DC File Image: P. Surendra)

HYDERABAD: The holy month of Ramzan fasting began on Tuesday night in Hyderabad with Taraweeh prayers. The duration of first day’s fast will be 14 hours while on the last day, it will be for 14 hours 39 minutes.

Muslim worshippers performed the Taraweeh prayers in almost all masjids while maintaining physical distance. Elderly people voluntarily refrained from attending the Taraweeh prayers, while children were not allowed into many masjids.

These masjids had earlier been washed and cleaned. In several of them, disinfectant material was used to sterilize all surfaces and floors to ensure a healthy environment. Masks were distributed among worshippers.
Managements of many masjids shortened the duration of Taraweeh prayers. Unlike previous years, there is no interpretation of the Quran amidst the Taraweeh prayers.

Moulana Hafiz Rizwan Qureshi and Moulana Ahsan bin Mohammed Alhamoomi will recite the three chapters of the Holy Quran daily till 9th Ramzan in Mecca Masjid and Shahi Masjid respectively. In both these masjids, women performed the night prayers in separated enclosures. More than more than two thousand faithful performed the Taraweeh.

Home minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi greeted Muslims for the holy month and prayed for acceptance of fasts and prayers. Mahmood Ali appealed to the faithful to spend more time in prayers, while maintaining Covid-19 protocols during the entire Ramzan month.