TS Government Accused of Not Settling Bills of Vehicles Hired for Departments

Update: 2023-10-13 16:49 GMT
Detailed information about the vehicles is accessible at Moinabad police station. (Image: P Surender Reddy)

Hyderabad: The state government has been found wanting when it comes to settling bills of several agencies and individuals. Among the worst hit are four-wheeler associations, whose vehicles are hired by almost 33 state government departments. Approximately, 13,000 owners-cum-drivers are attached to government departments.

Today most of them are in despair given that bills of the vendors are pending for up to 15 months in some cases. Despite several representations, the government has failed to clear the pending bills, lamented many of them. Even representations for revision of hire charges have gone in vain. The tariff was last fixed by the government seven years back.

 Association members explained that if they default on loan repayments, banks seize the vehicles thereby leaving the families in the lurch, they said.

A member said, “We are unemployed youth from SC, ST, BC and minority communities. We have undergone training in driving and purchased vehicles from institutions and running them as hired vehicles in different government departments. This is our only livelihood.”

 The members alleged “Authorities tend to engage benami vehicles on hire while our vehicles are mostly used for difficult jobs like enforcement duties, protocol duties and other emergencies. We are available whenever officers require vehicles.”

 They demanded the government to clear all pending bills and revise the tariff as wages and fuel prices have become dear.


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