RGV kicks up storm on internet by calling music ban at pubs “Talibanisation”

Deccan Chronicle.  | Indrajeet Devulapally

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Ram Gopal Varma passionately advocated removal of all such restrictions against free spirit and liberty. (Photo: Facebook)

HYDERABAD: Film director Ram Gopal Varma on Thursday kicked up a storm on social media, when he posted a series of tweets against the recently imposed ban on playing music in pubs after 10 pm, calling the move ‘Talibanisation’ of Hyderabad, pointing out that Hyderabad was the only city in the entire world which enforces such a restriction.

The response, predictably, ranged with some people hailing his support for the youthful nature of the city, his uncompromised espousing of his conviction in support of liberty and freedom, but yet others, opposing him, saying pubs were creating too much nuisance, disturbing residential areas, and the ban was welcome.

Mr Varma, or RGV or Ramu as he is popularly known as, and controversy’s favourite child, passionately advocated removal of all such restrictions against free spirit and liberty, saying it was “as barbaric as the Taliban” to stop young people from having fun.

“I can understand sound pollution enforcement on a case to case basis but imposing a blanket order for all places… (sic),” Varma said on his Twitter handle.

In another tweet, he said, “How come we in Hyderabad, were so advanced 20 years back and stood as a role model to the entire country and now in 2022 we are becoming the Taliban with NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM ?#HyderabadTaliban (sic)”

“Please understand that by the time one comes back home from work, gets freshened up, dresses up and drives back to reach a pub, it will be nearly 10 pm and then no music?,” he asked.

Netizens, as expected, responded in their own quirky way. While some responded to RGV’s tweets hailing his ideas, some were strongly against his views on the matter.

One person (going by handle mamudoo), who seemed to agree with RGV’s views, said that he would have to carry his walkman along while going to pubs as he visits them only after 10 pm. In another tweet, mamudoo said many good headsets with good noise cancellation features were available in the market and that people visiting clubs could buy these headsets for a good clubbing experience.

“As they say – Be a Roman in Rome… Be a Hyderabadi in Hyderabad.. simple!” commented a user – Being Optimistic.

One user, Rama Raju Mantena,  who seemed to disagree with RGV’s opinion said that one’s joy should not turn into a nuisance for another person.

Another user commented on one of the director’s tweet saying that he should open a pub at his house if he did not want to go by the rules. Another user Shivakumar quipped that it was if people were “early to bed, early to wake up”.

Tollywood is not international, he argued, but when Hyderabad is number one destination globally, what would investors and tourists ask, “is it well connected, does it have an international airport, a golf course... a good nightlife?” he said.

The quirky found the humorous side to the conversation and flooded the comments with funny memes and GIFs.