New module in Dharani portal no solace to farmers in agency areas

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Before the introduction of the Dharani portal, the farmers in these areas used to get loans by mortgaging their lands. (Photo: Dharani portal)

KHAMMAM: The new module with eleven options that was introduced in the Dharani portal is not giving any solace to farmers in getting crop loans as also for students to get education loans. This is so not only in Dammapet mandal but also in areas where any one of the 1970 Act is being implemented.

The eleven options in the new module included under TS-33 to solve the issues of the farmers did not address this serious problem.

The loans will be disbursed only in the name of tribals in these areas. At the same time, it is stipulated that bank managers of cooperative banks or commercial banks should belong to the tribal communities.

The loans will be given to the farmers in the name of the bank managers. Before the introduction of the Dharani portal, the farmers in these areas used to get loans by mortgaging their lands. Such an option is not provided in the Dharani portal.

Tribals are getting loans where the bank managers belonged to the ST community. This meant that only the ST bank manager will have access to the Dharani and can disburse crop loans to the farmers.

The Dammapet PACS used to give Rs 2 crore to 3800 farmers every year. The scene reversed after the Dharani portal came into existence. The money of the PACS is safe in the lockers and the Dharani portal will not allow disbursal of the amounts to the farmers for the reason that the manager does not belong to the ST community.

Dammapet PACS chairman Rao Jogeswara Rao said, “Earlier, we had an option that PACS may give loans on behalf of DCCB and PACS. There is no such option after the dharani portal was started. This is a big problem for these farmers.”

A revenue official said, “There is no change of the extent of lands among the brothers. This is a big issue in the Dharani portal. Many farmers used to come to us to solve their problems and we are asking them to submit their applications in Mee Seva. The farmers are receiving a message on the phone from Mee Seva, saying, “Your application is rejected”. In this case, they have to approach the court and have no other option.”

Revenue officials will look into such issues only on the basis of a court order. It will take months for the issue to be attended to even after a court issues such an order.” The problem is also that the small-time farmers are unable to bear the court expenses.

“Collector can access the Dharani portal. But, they have less time and it is impossible for them to scrutinize each and every application. Hassles in the way of crop loans and education loans are a big issue in the agency area and the Dharani portal is not able to address these,” the revenue official said.