Spectators get a taste of street racing

Update: 2022-12-11 19:28 GMT
Racers compete on day two of the fourth round of the Indian Racing League in Hyderabad on Sunday. (R Pavan/DC)

HYDERABAD: A sizable, enthusiastic crowd turned up to watch the last round of Indian Racing League (IRL) held here on Sunday and got its money’s worth.

A lot of vehicles were seen before the start of the races outside the gates, especially before the final event in the evening. The turnout of spectators was noticeably more than on Saturday. The sound of the racing cars could be heard outside the gates too.

The multiple screens put up along the track and the running commentary enabled the audience to follow the race closely and keep track the drivers’ positions.

One spectator, Uzair Khan, had come to watch the race on Saturday as well as in November for the earlier edition. On both occasions, he had to return disappointed as the races were cancelled.

“Finally I got to watch the race. I am excited to be here. I follow Formula 1 but this is the first time I am watching a street racing event live,” said Khan, just minutes before the final race was to begin.

Another spectator, Vamsi Krishna, accompanied by three of his friends, said he had also followed the IRL races held in Chennai. “I am rooting for the Hyderabad Blackbirds and if they win this final race they will win the overall league, which I am hoping for,” he said just prior to the event’s commencement.

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