Releasing UCC draft in public domain sought

Update: 2023-07-10 21:16 GMT
The UCC embodies one of the lifelong political goals of the ruling BJP. (DC/Representational image)

VIJAYAWADA, VISAKHAPATNAM, KAKINADA, TIRUPATI, ANANTAPUR: Representatives from various civic associations and religious organisations, legal experts and intellectuals asserted the need for a nationwide debate on the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC), involving all sections of the people and placing the drafts in the public domain to facilitate intelligent and informed debates.

Prof. S. Surya Prakash. Vice-chancellor, National Law Institute University (NLIU) Bhopal and Damodaram Sanjivayya, DSNLU, Visakhapatnam, said that one dimension to achieve justice, liberty and equality for all citizens was in having a uniform civil code.

While Article 44 says “The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India,” Article 37 of the Directive principles of state policy emphasises that it shall be the duty of the State to apply these principles in making laws”.

An advocate from Kakinada Bar Association Shaik Aejazuddin said that it is a direct attack on Muslim community and the Quran. He said that already three laws, including triple talaq and Article 370 were brought without considering the sentiments of Muslims. He also said that so far, the UCC draft has not been disclosed and sought that it be put in the public domain first.

Senior CPM leader Duvva Seshu Babji said that UCC is not fit for India as there are different religions, castes, traditions and customs in the country and the law should give an opportunity to them to go about their customs and traditions.

Constitutional expert Alapati Srinivas said that UCC is needed for the country to provide equal rights that befits the secular credentials on the country. He said that polygamy is prohibited to Hindus, but it is not applied to Muslims.

Former president of Kakinada Bar Association Yeluri Subrahmanyam announced his full support to UCC. He said that there are more changes coming to society, in particular the marriage system. Rajamahendravaram MP Bharat said that they obeythe party decision and can’t say their individual opinion on it.

BJP’s senior leader Y. Ramkumar said that UCC is not against any religion and they can follow their customs.

Adivasi state JAC chairman expressed fear that UCC will affect their specific customs and traditions that have existed for centuries. The UCC could threaten traditional practices of tribes, who follow their own customs. He pointed out that tribal women have the freedom to marry multiple times after leaving the husband and several other rights would be vanished.

BJP state spokesperson and senior advocate from Tirupati, Samanchi Srinivas, said “UCC pertains to a standardized set of laws that would apply to all Indian citizens, regardless of their religion, encompassing matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption. UCC must be implemented to treat everyone equally and transcend all religious boundaries”, he said.

Muslim Nagara and Tipu Sultan United Front National unit president Umar Farooq Khan, while opposing the uniform civil code, said that UCC would have many possibilities to damage unity and integrity of the country though people of all religions have been living without differences for many centuries.


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