Tata Chief Calls for Increased Scientific Research and Focus on Equity

Update: 2023-12-09 19:19 GMT
Tata Sons executive chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran expressed his aspirations for India to produce more Nobel laureates. (File Image: Twitter)

Visakhapatnam: Tata Sons executive chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran urged India to become a global leader in scientific research and innovation.

Addressing the Andhra University Alumni Association annual meeting on Saturday, he emphasised the need to increase funding and resources for research to address both national and global challenges.

Chandrasekaran expressed his aspirations for India to produce more Nobel laureates. He highlighted the crucial role of research in tackling critical issues and emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach that addresses both national challenges and contributes solutions to global problems.

Equality for all, particularly for women, was another key area of focus for Chandrasekaran. He expressed concern about the under representation of women in the workforce and the persistent income disparities. He called for concrete measures to address these issues and create a more equitable society.

Chandrasekaran applauded India's remarkable strides in digital infrastructure development, noting its impact on various sectors, including Aadhaar, digital payments, and the successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic. He emphasized the importance of leveraging this digital infrastructure for further progress.

Looking to the future, Chandrasekaran encouraged Andhra University to draw inspiration from its illustrious history and become a beacon of research excellence for other universities. He commended the region's progress and emphasized the importance of collaboration between alumni, universities, and diverse departments to achieve comprehensive goals.

In response to questions from students and faculty, Chandrasekaran addressed concerns about cybercrime and the need for increased awareness and trained professionals to combat this growing threat. He also highlighted the challenges faced by Indian farmers and the need for education and support to improve their livelihoods.

Chandrasekaran further emphasized the importance of women's empowerment, expressing concern about the low participation of women in the workforce, especially after marriage and childbirth. He called for initiatives to encourage and support women's continued engagement in their careers.

GMR Group Chairman G. Mallikarjuna Rao, president of the AU Alumni Association, also addressed the gathering.


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