Beware of rat bites at MGM Hospital

Update: 2022-09-09 07:17 GMT

Warangal: The rat menace at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Hospital in Hanamkonda continues to plague patients, and the hospital administration has begun using rat traps to ward catch the rodents.

On March 27, the toes and fingers of 38-year-old Kadarla Srinivas, of
Bheemaram in Hanamkonda, were bitten by a rat, following which he was
shifted to NIMS, Hyderabad, due to severe blood loss. He died on April 2.

After the incident caused a public outcry, the government suspended the then
hospital superintendent Dr B. Srinivas Rao and appointed Dr V. Chandrasekhar
to the post.

Following his appointment, Dr Chandrasekhar expressed his displeasure at the
sanitation contractor and directed the agency, along with the hospital
staff, to take immediate measures. But, so far, these have only amounted to
placing poisons, rat traps.

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