New formula for parking fines in Mumbai: You pay only Rs 4000 for cars

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Municipality introduces new formula for parking fines: 40 times the existing charge

New parking penalties introduced in July 2019 were felt to be exorbitant. (PTI)

Mumbai:  The Brihanmumbai MunicipalCorporation (BMC) has introduced formula-based penalties for unauthorised parking. They are equivalent to about 40 times the existing parking charges, said officials.

In July 2019, the civic body had introduced new parking rules, levying steep fines for unauthorised parking within 500 m of designated public parking lots or BEST bus depots. The penalties ranged from Rs 5,000 to Rs 23,250.

The move, however, came under fire from citizens and public representatives. Even the Mumbai Parking Authority (MPA) called it exorbitant. Under retired IAS officer Gautam Chatterjee the MPA undertook a comprehensive review and came up with new formula-based parking fines.

The new fines for four-wheelers have come down to Rs 4,000. For two-wheelers, it will be Rs 1,800, Rs 7,000 for buses and Rs 10,000 for heavy vehicles, according to a new circular issued earlier this week.

According to a civic body official, the fees for 12 hours of parking at designated parking lots is Rs 100.

Earlier, for four-wheeler vehicles, the fine for unauthorised parking was Rs 10,000 with a late fee of Rs 170 per day if the owner failed to retrieve the vehicle.