Cave stay, space tourism, caravan tour for AP

Update: 2023-03-06 19:36 GMT
The Belum Caves are the second largest in the Indian sub-continent after the Meghalaya caves.(DC File Photo)

VISHAKHAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh will make waves if the unique and innovative projects proposed at the recently held Global Investors Summit 2023 have become a reality.

One such project that drew the attention of many at the summit was cave stay.

An entrepreneur, Ranjesh Krishna Murthy from Bengaluru, proposed the project at Belum Caves located in Nandyal district, about 300 km from Bengaluru, which would cost around Rs 300 crore. The project will have a swimming pool, 40 room resorts and a restaurant – all of them set inside the caves.

“We are exploring all the technicalities to make the project unique. Holiday-makers will be living in a cave though they may be treated to high-class food, swimming in blue waters and stay in luxury rooms,’’ Krishna Murthy told Deccan Chronicle on Monday.

The Belum Caves are the second largest in the Indian sub-continent after the Meghalaya caves.

Another entrepreneur proposed a space observatory cum planetarium to educate the school-going children about Space and related technology. Once inside, the children will be able to see through deep Space through a giant telescope.

“This can be part of educational tourism, which will instill a scientific temperament among the young children,’’ said the entrepreneur linked to the Gautam Business Group.

He is also proposing tree houses, hot-air balloon tours and acquatic corridor where people can eat in a restaurant set under fresh water. This will be the one-of- its-kind in India and the second in Asia. Japan has one such, under sea water, he said.

Another unique project is caravan tours promoted by the Tours and Travelers Association of Andhra Pradesh represented by K. Vijay Mohan of Visakhapatnam. Raising funds from travel operators, Vijay Kumar proposes caravan tours for tourists ready to travel anywhere by a caravan, which is well-equipped with bedrooms, kitchen and sitting place.

Paying Rs 6,000 per day, four members can travel anywhere, driving a maximum of 300 km per day as is restricted by RTA.

The other part of the project is that people can hop in and hop out of open-top buses that will ply in different directions in the city, taking people to various tourist destinations. People can join it anywhere and get off anywhere.

The other projects are ocean swimming pools to be located all along the AP coast, divine destination for spiritual tourism, hi-tech devotional theme park, sky restaurant and jungle houses.

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