Implement schemes with a humane approach, KCR to officials

Deccan Chronicle.  | L. Venkat Ram Reddy

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Some believe that I launched these schemes in order to win votes and elections, but that is incorrect

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao (File photo: DC)

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao asked officials and employees to implement government schemes with a humanitarian approach while also urging them to ensure the success of the second phase of the Kanti Velugu eye health scheme, which is set to commence from January 18.

After inaugurating the integrated district collectorate at Mahbubnagar and the TRS district office, the CM spoke to officials and staff from various departments and said that many people from lower socioeconomic groups were struggling because of eye-related issues and were unable to afford the high costs of care at private hospitals.

He asked them to work with renewed vigour to ensure that the poor and the needy received the maximum benefit.

"Prior to Telangana state formation, our budget was Rs 60,000 crore. Our Budget has now grown to Rs 2.5 lakh crore. This was possible because of self-rule and the sincerity and commitment of officials and staff working in various departments," he said.

Referring to Kanti Velugu and KCR Kits schemes launched by him, he explained, “Some believe that I launched these schemes in order to win votes and elections. But that is just incorrect. When I wanted to adopt a village in Gajwel constituency and resolve all the issues faced by people, I decided to hold a free eye screening camp with a view to instill confidence among people about my intention. The screenings detected that about 127 people of whom 27 were young were suffering with eyesight problems.”

Because of this, the children were falling behind in their academics, but their teachers and parents—who were unaware of their issues—were punishing them for performing poorly. This made me really upset, so I made the decision to resolve the problem.

Kanti Velugu scheme was launched in 2018 to conduct free eye screenings, conduct surgeries and provide spectacles for free of cost, which benefitted lakhs of people across the state."

Rao claimed that after recognising the issues faced by pregnant women from poorer sections who were required to work during pregnancy in order to make ends meet, the KCR Kits scheme was launched with a "humane approach.”

"My idea was not to give a few necessary items for pregnant women and newborn babies. My idea was to extend them financial assistance until their delivery so that they can stop going to work for their livelihood and instead take rest for safe and healthy delivery of newborns," the CM explained.