Documentary brings focus on vanishing rocks

The film was directed and produced by Uma Magal with Mahnoor Yar Khan as was co-producer and researcher

Update: 2022-09-05 01:58 GMT
A documentary, Other Kohinoors The Rocks of Hyderabad,' showcasing the heritage of rocks of the city, was premiered at Prasads Imax on Sunday. DC Image

HYDERABAD: A documentary, ‘Other Kohinoors – The Rocks of Hyderabad,’ showcasing the heritage of rocks of the city, was premiered at Prasads Imax on Sunday.

The film was directed and produced by Uma Magal with Mahnoor Yar Khan as was co-producer and researcher. The 45 minute docu sought to project the relationship between rocks and the city in terms of ecology, geography, culture, history and the memories of Hyderabadis and stressed the message of conservation of rocks.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Uma Magal said, “The idea of the movie was conceived out of grief as I saw the rocks near my house in Gachibowli disappearing in front of me. The movie is an expression of nostalgia that our home is no more and we cannot recognise it. The only thing that I knew I could do about it was to make a film, and the film happened.”

Mahnoor Yar Khan, the co-producer, went through miniature paintings, folklore, music and the literature that had the description of the rocks of Hyderabad ingrained in them.

“The film gives a message, ‘Let’s save what we can’. The whole point was to reconnect with the rocks. Our culture gives us this connection. At the same time, it is important to raise a dialogue among the people that the rocks are important to us,” the film-maker added.

The film will be screened in schools and colleges and for various sections of the society to raise awareness about the rocks and this will be accompanied by workshops.

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