A portion of road caves in, locals blames illegal building

Update: 2024-03-01 20:13 GMT
The portion of the road at Gautaminagar Colony in Kukatpally caves in. — DC

 Hyderabad: A section of a road in Gautaminagar in the GHMC’s Kukatpally circle collapsed, causing alarm among residents and passersby. According to locals, this is the third time that the road caved in.

Locals alleged that the road has caved in due to construction work, which was executed without following safety protocols and claimed that there was collusion between the builder and GHMC town planning and engineering officials. The construction work was managed by the son of a local BRS leader, they said.

"We've been fortunate to escape harm thus far," stated a resident whose house is adjacent to the affected area. Another resident expressed concern over ongoing blasting and excavation activities, warning that the building's improper construction could lead to tragedy.

A GHMC source revealed that the building lacked necessary approvals, with no soil strengthening undertaken prior to construction.

D. Goverdhan Goud, GHMC executive engineer, maintenance, Kukatpally, said he could comment on the issue only during the day.


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