Mayor Rajani Sesha Sai feels humiliated by party senior leaders

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Protocol violation on several occasions hurt Rajani.

Mayor Rajani Sesha Sai

Rajahmundry: Mayor P. Rajani Sesha Sai apparently has serious differences with some senior TD leaders. As a result, there have been a series of protocol violations on several occasions where the Mayor felt humiliated. She said even the people whom she represents as the first citizen of the city would feel the same.

Recently, when minister for agriculture Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy set a stone for construction of an agriculture university at Katheru village on the outskirts of the city, the Mayor's name was missing from the plaque. She lodged a complaint with the minister himself on the lapse.

Similarly, during the inauguration of some blocks at Adikavi Nannaya university attended by Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu, Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, her name was not inscribed on the plaque. The Mayor said that agriculture university and the Adikavi Nannaya university were earlier sanctioned to be set up in Rajahmundry but for want of adequate land to set them up, authorities found the land outside the city limit for establishing them. 

As the two prestigious educational institutions belonged to the city, the Mayor should have been given due importance and her name inscribed on the plaques. Recalling the humiliation meted out to her during the inauguration of some blocks in AKNU, Ms Rajani alleged that she was not given details of VIPs visiting the place and was not allowed to sit on the dais. She was asked to sit in VIP lounge. She asked the authorities how public representatives who were in no way related to AKNU development were allowed to share the dais with VIPs.

With regard to Agriculture university also, she questioned the authorities how the names of individuals like BJP MLA from Rajahmundry Urban Dr Akula Satyanarayana was inscribed on the plaque, wondering how he was related to the university.

Agriculture authorities said they followed the protocol directions issued by the East Godavari administration and justified inclusion of the MLA’s name as he managed to influence the Centre to sanction funds. The authorities said the district administration had given the option to include names of those who helped in developing the university and added that they did so accordingly. The Mayor alleged that during the culmination of ‘Intintiki Telugu Desam’ programme in the city also, her name was found missing on the banner set up on the dais causing embarrassment to her.

Adding to her woes, senior TD leader and Godavari Urban Development Authority (Guda) chairman Ganni Krishna criticised the civic body’s decision to keep some works approved by the Standing Committee pending. Later, development work at the Kambhala Tank Park were started without taking the Mayor, P. Rajani Sesha Sai, into confidence.

The Mayor said, “I am concerned with any development related to the city. A section of officials at the behest of some political leaders are resorting to such practices to belittle me. As I represent the people in the city, any humiliation meted out to me also affects them. I feel bad about it. I wish to take up these issues to the notice of the Chief Minister.”