Cyclone Season: Are You Fully protected?

Deccan Chronicle.  | Adhil Shetty

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Some of the worst weather events occur at the end of the year. Here's how to protect your assets-and your loved ones.

With 76% of India’s coastline prone to cyclones and tsunamis, it is easy to notice the increasing climactic threat in people.

Cyclones bring destructive rains and winds. India has witnessed one cyclone every year in recent times, and not just in cyclone-prone states or cities. With 76 per cent of India’s coastline prone to cyclones and tsunamis, 12 per cent of India prone to floods, cyclones Daye and the Titli hitting Odisha in September and October respectively, it is easy to notice the increasing climactic threat in India. Additionally, the India Meteorological Department has predicted a higher degree of water threats with intense water cycles, higher annual average rainfall and unpredictable monsoons in the coming years. Keeping the recent devastation of the Kerala floods in mind, it’s time for you to prepare for such calamities.

Though having life insurance can secure your family financially due to death in case of perils like cyclones and storms, other covers can be a smart way to cover all the bases. Having sufficient cover via home, vehicle and health insurance can protect both your loved ones and your valuable assets in the following ways.

Home insurance for valuable immovable assets
A cyclone can destroy your home enough to wreak havoc on your finances. Covering your home with a comprehensive home insurance policy can safeguard you from substantial expenses. While top insurers offer home insurance that cover both manmade and natural calamities, it is also better to confirm that your preferred insurer is giving you the coverage you require before signing the deal. For instance, a well-known general insurance company covers explosions, cyclones, storms, tornado, flood and inundation, missile testing operation, earthquake, subsidence and more. The same company’s Standard Fire and Special Perils covers damage due to terrorism, storms, riot, lightning, fire, strikes, and flood. Notice the difference in the inclusions? This is what you need to pay attention to. Also, look towards protecting the contents of your home, instead of just the structure. Other insurers offer you policies that also covers the loss or damage of jewellery, works of art and other valuables. You can also make the most of add-ons like pet insurance, loss of rent, etc. At the same time, check the exclusions to be well-informed of what you can and cannot claim in the event of damage.

Insurance for daily means of commute
Despite the frequency of natural disasters, you may consider accident coverage as top priority while purchasing vehicle insurance. However, during cyclones, floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities vehicles are damaged even if you aren’t residing in a disaster-prone area. Protecting your vehicle from these can help you recover the expenses inc-urred because of damage to the engine, windshield, body of your vehicle, and more. This will help you repair your vehicle at the earliest, purchase a new one, or use alternate transport in the meantime without breaking into a sweat thinking about your depleted savings. Since not all vehicle insurance policies cover damages caused by natural calamities, check to see if your chosen policy has this inclusion. Other policies may not cover accidents during a natural calamity when you, the policy holder, are not driving the vehicle. Some insurers may also cover the collateral damage caused to your vehicle due to natural disasters. This could include any damage caused by aggravated animals during a natural disaster. You can also avail a 24x7 vehicle towing facility to avoid extra expenses if your car or two-wheeler is too damaged to be driven or ridden to a service centre. When you choose insurers, keep in mind that you can also avail age and profession discounts that make being covered even more budget-friendly.

Health insurance for family
The recent floods in Kerala have proved that it is essential for you to be prepared for injury and ailments caused to you and your family during natural calamities. If you need medical attention or a loved one needs to be hospitalised, ensure that you have enough coverage to cover the costs without any compromise. This way you need not worry about the best treatment for your family. A family floater can insure all members of your immediate family. This ensures that your loved ones have all the protection they need. Additionally, you can avail up to a fixed number of days of pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation costs coverage. You can choose extra coverage if you are suffering from any illnesses that can make you weaker during a natural disaster as some policies don't cover accidents due to pre-existing injury or injury caused by adventure. Reading the particulars of each policy is the key to a hassle-free claims process. Stay prepared during the cyclone season by arming yourself with a smart insurance cover and don't forget to adhere to warning by keeping an eye on the weather forecast.