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Senior TD Leader Accused of Domestic Violence


Published on: July 30, 2023 | Updated on: July 30, 2023

Telugu Desam leader P. Narayana. (File Image: DC)

Hyderabad: Raidurgam police of Cyberabad commissionerate have started an inquiry against senior Telugu Desam leader P. Narayana and his younger brother P. Subramanyam on allegations levelled by the latter’s wife that she was subject to domestic violence and mental harassment by her in-laws.

Raidurgam station house officer M. Mahesh said, "Since it’s a family issue, both parties will be counselled. Accordingly the probe will proceed."  

They have been married for around 29 years. Subramanyam manages the family run educational institutions.

The victim had recently released videos on social media platforms alleging that she was harassed by Narayana and others.  

On Sunday, she lodged a complaint that she was undergoing harassment for a very long time, but bore it in silence. As it had become unbearable, she has come out and approached the police.

In another video released by Subramanyam, he said that his wife was undergoing treatment for mental health issues from 2017 and recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. "She is in a very bad shape and the family is standing with her at this time. She has posted some videos recently. But we urge everyone to ignore them as this is a family issue and to respect our privacy," Subramanyam said in the video.