Indian Universities Gain Global Recognition: PM Modi

Happy to have youngsters as my co-passengers

Update: 2023-06-30 18:30 GMT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the valedictory ceremony of the centenary celebrations of Delhi University, in New Delhi on Friday, (Image: PTI)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Friday that futuristic policies and decisions taken in the last few years in the education sector have boosted global recognition for Indian universities.

Addressing the valedictory ceremony of Delhi University’s centenary celebrations, Modi noted that the number of Indian universities that featured in the latest QS global ranking has surged to 45 from 12 in 2014, the year he became the Prime Minister. He also talked about the need for institutes to shift focus from what a student should study to what a student wants to study and added that institutes such as IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and NITs are becoming the building blocks of the country.

The PM travelled on the Delhi Metro to attend the Delhi University centenary event. "When I was invited, I immediately decided that I will surely visit DU. So today, just like you all, I came to DU in the Delhi Metro chatting with my colleagues."

Viral videos on social media showed Modi sitting in the Delhi Metro as a common passenger and interacting with people during the ride from Lok Kalyan Marg to Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro stations. "Happy to have youngsters as my co-passengers," the PM tweeted, sharing a few pictures of his interaction with students inside the coach.

Later, while addressing the event, the PM shared his metro experience. "Coming to the campus becomes more joyful when you travel with colleagues. Two friends together chatting about everything under the sun — from Israel to the moon. Kaunsi film dekhi? (Which movie did you watch?) OTT par wo series achhi hai? (Is that OTT series worth watching?) Wo wali reel dekhi ya nahi dekhi? (Have you seen that Instagram reel trend?)."

The PM also talked about his recent state visit to the US and said that global respect for India has increased because of the world’s faith in India’s youngsters. He reminisced about how there were "only three colleges at the beginning of Delhi University, and today there are more than 90 colleges", and added that the "number of female students is higher than male students" in the country now.

Citing agreements signed between India and the US during his recent visit, Modi said these will bring new opportunities for youngsters in fields ranging from the earth to space, semiconductors and artificial intelligence.

India's youngsters will have access to technologies that used to be out of their reach, Modi said, adding that it will boost their skill development. Companies like Micron and Google will be investing heavily in the country. It is a sign of the India of the future, he said.

Praising the university's contribution to different aspects of life, the PM said it is not merely a university but a movement. He referred to celebrated ancient Indian universities in Nalanda and Taxila and said they were a source of happiness and prosperity and India's science guided the world in that era.

India used to have a big share in global GDP then, the PM said, adding that hundreds of years of slavery destroyed its centres of education. He said that when India's intellectual journey stopped, its growth also stalled. He asserted that those with knowledge are happy and strong.

The number of Indian start-ups has crossed a lakh now, Modi said, compared to a few hundred of them before 2014. Citing India's growth in the last few years, the PM said the figures for patents have surged.

The third decade of the last century gave new momentum to the Independence movement, Modi said and he expressed confidence that the ongoing third decade of this century will give a fillip to the country's development journey.

Noting that the Delhi University’s 125th year will coincide with the country's 100th year of Independence, Modi said it should dedicate itself to the goal of achieving a developed India by 2047. During the event, he also laid the foundation stone of the Delhi University Computer Centre, buildings of the Faculty of Technology and the Academic Block on the North Campus of the university.


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