Telangana government begins health profiling of Adivasis

Deccan Chronicle.  | Pillalamarri Srinivas

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Around 10 per cent of Kolams suffer from Thalasemia and sickle cell health problems.

Telangana government

KERAMERI (ADILABAD): The state government is preparing the health profile of Kolams to give proper medical treatment to patients suffering from chronic diseases.

The health profile of the primitive tribals is being prepared with Central government’s financial assistance for the all-round development of the PVTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group). The Central government had selected the Kolams because they are considered as a PVTG.  The scheme is under the Conservation cum Development Programme (CCDP) of  PVTGs and is being implemented by the ministry of tribal affairs, Government of India.

The health department staff is collecting blood samples from the members of the Kolam community in Kopaguda, Pittaguda and Kolam Babhejhari in Kerameri mandal.  The blood samples were also collected from Kolam Kotari village.

A total of 12 tests including CFT, RFT, LFT, blood sugar, Lipid Profile, B.P is carried out on the blood samples and health profile of individual Kolams will be prepared.       

The medical staff is also taking the weight of the Kolam children to determine whether they are healthy or malnourished.  Among the enquiries made are whether the children are getting nutritious food.

Ms Madavi Kannibai, supervisor, CCDP of PVTGs said blood tests were compulsory to confirm chronic diseases.  Many PVTGs are suffering from Thalassemia and Sickle Cell anaemia which are hereditary and contacted because of consanguineous marriages.   Some other PVTGs are suffering from malnutrition as well as kidney, cardiac and liver-related problems.         

Ms Kannibai, being a Kolam, is playing an active role in the community’s development and welfare.  She said medical tests had been conducted in 23 Kolam gudas in the Kerameri mandal of Kumarambh-eem Asifabad district.

According to rough estimates, there are 63,000 members of the community living in 350 Kolams gudas in erstwhile Adilabad district.

The Kolam population is also in considerable number in bordering Maharashtra where the CCDP for the PVTGs is being implemented.    

Mr Sidam Gangadhar of Kolam Vidyarthi Sangham said around 10 per cent Kolams were suffering from Thalasemia and sickle cell health problems.