BJP IT wing VP ‘suspended’ for adulating Mersal Vijay

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When asked to comment on the ‘suspension’ report, the district president firmly denied serving any suspension on him.

Actor Vijay

Chennai: The BJP has reportedly ‘suspended’ the party’s vice president of South Chennai IT wing, Siddharth Mani for adulating actor Vijay. The South Chennai district president reportedly called Siddharth Mani on Sunday and told him not to participate in any party related functions for next three weeks.

“It was meant to be some sort of atonement for Siddharth for posting pictures and appreciating comments relating to Vijay starrer Mersal and reiterating that he was a great fan of Vijay”, said a source close to Siddharth, requesting anonymity.  Efforts to contact Siddharth failed as he repeatedly disconnected calls and refused to speak as he was obviously stressed by continuous bombardment of phone calls from media persons and ‘sobering’ instructions from party seniors.

When asked to comment on the ‘suspension’ report, the district president firmly denied serving any suspension on him. The ‘suspension’ story erupted after a senior media professional “Prime Point” K. Srinivasan posted a message on whatsapp, expressing distress at what he termed as intolerance being exhibited in the state BJP over the Mersal issue, himself being a staunch BJP supporter, Srinivasan had wondered in his post why the state BJP leaders are bringing disrepute to PM Modi.

By their uncalled for attacks on the movie, they were making a big success of what otherwise could have been a run of the mill movie, he said in his post. When asked about his post, Mr. Srinivasan confirmed that Siddhath Mani had indeed got a call asking him to lay off party functions for three weeks because of his facebook posts adulation of Mersal and its hero. “Actually Siddharth is a devotee not just a follower of Modiji. If you ask him how many marks he would give to the PM out of 100, he would say Rs 300.’ That’s how devoted he is towards the PM Yet he is being ripped because he is a fan of Vijay,” he said.

“Tamil Nadu BJP is defaming Modi by making noise against the film and taking silly actions like suspending the Vijay fans for watching the movie. When Modi government has cleared the film in the censor board, why are they making such huge noise and showing a knee jerk reaction by suspending their own office bearers for watching the movie? Instead of suspending a young member, BJP Delhi should suspend the entire Tamil Nadu BJP team led by Tamilisai Soundararajan. By their action, they have marked the film nationally and internationally. Disgusting”, he had said in the message.