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Hyderabad Celebrates Chandrayaan-3's Historic Landing on Moon


Published on: August 23, 2023 | Updated on: August 23, 2023

School children wave the National flag to celebrate the Chandrayaan-3 landing in the city on Wednesday. (Image:R.Pavan)

Hyderabad: Hyderabad witnessed an outpouring of joy and celebration as the nation watched Isro's Chandrayaan-3 successfully accomplish a historic soft landing on the lunar surface. As the news broke of the successful landing, elated Hyderabadis gathered in front of their television sets, cheering and clapping as the mission unfolded.

Social media platforms, especially Twitter, were abuzz with millions of tweets expressing delight and pride in the achievement. Chandrayaan3, #ISROZindabad, and #JaiHoIndia were just a few of the hashtags trending throughout the evening.

Students and young minds eagerly shared videos of themselves cheering and chanting slogans like, 'Atmanirbharta ki jai (Long live self-reliance) ' and 'ISRO Zindabad', 'Hail India' and 'We Salute India's Scientists'. This display of nationalistic fervor struck a chord with people across the nation, sparking a wave of unity and pride.

Not wanting to miss a single moment of this historic event, working professionals in Hyderabad hurried back home, cancelling social engagements and leaving office early. They joined their families, friends, and neighbors to witness this monumental achievement together, bonding over the shared sense of patriotism and scientific marvel.

Enthusiasts also hosted watch parties by inviting friends and colleagues to their homes. These gatherings became emotional, as participants were moved to tears witnessing India's technological prowess and determination to reach beyond earthly boundaries. Amid cheering and clapping, they voiced sentiments of solidarity with their country.

Many also gathered at several spots including the Birla Planetarium, Press Club, lobbies of malls and stores, to join together as a community and cheer the scientists with a countdown.

Universities and colleges in Hyderabad played an active role in engaging students and faculty members in discussions about the mission. With online streaming services, lectures from eminent professors, and detailed analyses, institutions organised sessions about the technical aspects, historical context, cultural significance, and more. These discussions allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the achievements of Chandrayaan-3 and its relevance to India's scientific growth.

H J, assistant professor at a private college said that this is a bigger victory for it. "The successful soft landing is a testimony to India's potential to lead the world in the field of space exploration."

Reflecting on the emotional impact of the mission, Aradhana Reddy, a cultural historian, said, "Chandrayaan-3 carries not just the dreams of scientists but also the cultural aspirations of our nation. This accomplishment rekindles the spirit of 'Chanda Mama from our beloved folklore, connecting us with our rich heritage."