Tourism minister Roja approaches Nagari court, seeks legal action against TD leaders

Update: 2023-11-21 18:41 GMT
Andhra Pradesh tourism minister R.K. Roja (Twitter)

 Tirupati: Tourism minister R.K. Roja has approached the Junior Civil Magistrate's Court in Nagari, seeking legal action against Telugu Desam leader and former minister Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy for his “offensive” remarks about her.

The minister, through her lawyer Ravindra, issued court notices under three sections against Bandaru and another TD leader, Gali Bhanuprakash. Roja appeared in the court on Tuesday for registration of these cases, and magistrate Vishnu Varma recorded her statement.

Addressing the media, Roja spoke of her intention to send a strong message against disparaging comments about women that undermined their self-respect. She asserted that despite historical attempts to denigrate women, “they are now on the path of development.”

However, she accused the TD leaders of obstructing women's empowerment, claiming that they formulated a scheme to silence her by holding press meetings to denigrate her personality.

“From Ayyanna Patrudu to Bandaru Satyanarayana and Gali Bhanu Prakash, a systematic effort is under way to tarnish my self-respect and personality. The motive behind these offensive remarks was to drive me to suicide and separate me from my family forever, because they thought that if Roja is eliminated there will be no one to question their misdeeds”, she claimed.

Despite facing numerous challenges in her life, the actor-turned leader emphasized her courage in moving forward, becoming a Cabinet minister, and achieving success in the film industry. She questioned the TD leader’s motives for targeting a “strong” woman like her and expressed concern over how any ordinary woman could withstand such treatment.

Emphasising the need for respect for every woman in society, she supported her decision to take up the case and fight against those making disparaging comments. She expressed confidence in the legal process and believes that the court will thoroughly investigate the case and deliver appropriate punishment.

Meanwhile, Roja’s advocate, Ravindra, provided details about the legal action, saying court notices have been served on Bandaru Satyanarayana, Gali Bhanuprakash and another individual.

He lamented that a woman of Roja's stature, who has gained fame in south India and holds a respectable position in society, has been insulted, blamed and humiliated in public.


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