Modern girl smart but selfish

Deccan Chronicle.  | Anusha Puppala

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Essay for ICSE, CBSE says today’s girls indifferent to duties.

A screenshot of a page from the essay.

Hyderabad: In a country, where misogyny bubbles under the surface among many men, comes an essay which is about a ‘Modern Girl’ published in a Current School Essays book which is intended for ICSE, CBSE Secondary and Higher Secondary Students has shocked almost everyone who has read it. 

According to the essay with the headline called ‘The Modern Girl’, the modern girl was very smart, intelligent and fashionable but was least interested in taking responsibility of others and of their families! A majority of modern girls were indifferent to their duties as a loving daughter, wife or mother, claims the author of the essay.  Apparently, the modern girl is too selfish and self-centred to think about others and only the latest fashions and cosmetics are very dear to her. She is more conscious about her health and figure and uses costly fashionable beauty products and has no time to look after the needs of other family members of her family. 

She knows no responsibilities but knows the names of the fashion designers and the latest make up products launched in the market. While most of the essay is a shocker, here is a gem, ‘She talks and makes friendship with the boys easily and she does not hesitate in talking to guys/ men and feels no need to be reserved and shy. She is always imitating the male in fashion, ambition and professional endeavours. She plays football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, climbs mountains and (does) all kinds of jobs which boys are supposed to do. She loves to wear jeans, pants and hot pants and the colorful sarees have no place in a modern girls’ stock of garments’.