Two more dog bites cases reported in Hyderabad

Update: 2023-02-22 19:00 GMT
30,000 dog bite cases were reported in the city in 2023, and 12 persons died due to rabies. (Representational Images)

Hyderabad: After a pack of stray dogs killed a four-year-old boy in Amberpet by mauling him to death, two more dog bite cases have been reported. A boy was attacked by a pack of stray dogs while playing with his friends outside his home on Tuesday night, while a toddler was bitten on his head by a street dog on Wednesday morning.

According to authorities, four to five street dogs attacked Rishi, 4, on Tuesday night while he was playing with his three friends near his home in Chaitanyapuri's Maruthi Nagar Colony. Rishi was chased by the stray dogs, who bit him on the back and right leg. while his friends managed to escape.

"We rushed outside as soon as we heard the boys screaming and were able to drive the dogs away. My son bled through his arms, leg, and back from the bite,” said Bhagyalakshmi, Rishi's mother. Rishi initially received first aid at a nearby clinic before being shifted to a hospital in Narayanaguda for treatment.

In another incident reported on Wednesday, a stray dog attacked a toddler outside his home. The dog seized the boy's arm and bit him on the scalp before attacking another boy who tried to chase it away in order to help his injured friend. This dog is said to have bitten five people in the area, with the most recent attack on Wednesday causing terror among colony members.

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