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Hyderabad Metro Rail's car-free appeal riles commuters

DECCAN CHRONICLE | Bansari trivedi J

Published on: September 21, 2022 | Updated on: September 22, 2022

While the HMRL encouraged commuters to use the Metro Rail on Sept 22 in order to give their cars a day's break, outraged Metro Rail users asked that the HMRL increase coaches. (Representational Image/DC)

HYDERABAD: The World Car Free Day is observed annually on September 22 and promotes car-free days in cities all around the world. This year, the Hyderabad Metro Rail also jumped on board, promoting the use of metro trains as an alternative to driving cars around, entirely oblivious to the reality that most metro trains run at capacity and are constantly crowded with people squabbling for space.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail tweeted, "Hello Hyderabad, Let's give your cars a day's rest on the occasion of World Car Free Day" and shared an image inviting the city commuters to use the metro, which sparked backlash from the commuters.

While the Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) encouraged commuters to use the Metro Rail on September 22 in order to give their cars a day’s break, outraged Metro Rail users asked that the HMRL increase coaches, at least during peak hours, as the majority of metro trains are already crammed with passengers.

Kiran Lakhiani, a frequent Metro Rail user who works for an MNC in Gachibowli, stated, "All the coaches, including two to three coaches allocated for women, are already operating at maximum occupancy during peak hours. If the Metro Rail authorities are asking us to take the metro on specific dates such as ‘World Car Free Day’, they should do so only after increasing the number of coaches."

"Any Metro Rail route you take will always be busy. Regardless of ‘World Car Free Day’ or not, the number of coaches should be increased or there should be more metro trains running. Elderly people are even not respected, and there is scarcely any room for them to sit. Then, there are men who have been seen numerous times sitting in the coaches meant for women," said Amrita Taparia, another frequent metro user. Others said that even at peak hours, there are only three coaches operating at maximum capacity. Events such as World Car Free Day can only be held if the number of coaches is increased from 3 to 6. 

Hussain Mehta noted that not all locations in the city are well-connected by the Metro Rail. "It is better to take a shared auto or a cab. It is frequently difficult to get to the metro station early due to a lack of connectivity in some places. If we factor in the time it takes to get to the metro station, I believe it equals the same amount of time whether I take a cab or a two-wheeler to go to my destination. Additionally, metro trains are crowded. After I exit the metro train, I will have to shell out more money to reach my destination," he said.

Riled over Metro Rail

  • HMRL encouraged commuters to use the metro on September 22 to give their cars a day’s break
  • Outraged metro users asked HMRL to increase coaches, at least during peak hours
  • They believe most metro trains are crammed with passengers.