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Shobhakruth' year good for crops, dairy, real estate


Published on: March 21, 2023 | Updated on: March 22, 2023

The year will be a good for the dairy sector and a boon for real estate developers. DC Image

Kakinada: People are getting ready to welcome "Shobhakruth" Telugu New Year on Wednesday – the Ugadi day.

Almanac writers, siddantis, numerologists and pandits have predicted that the Shobhakruth year will be auspicious for people. Crops will be bountiful with limited, but timely rainfall. The year will be a good for the dairy sector and a boon for real estate developers.

Eminent astro-numerologist Jayashankarr Sistlaa said the name Shobhakruth itself is auspicious and will bring prosperity to people. Traders in iron, cement, oil and construction will flourish this year. He said that the people who are working hard can get good yielding. He said that spiritual events would be held organised  and it would give good auspicious results to the people. He said that as per the astrology and also numerology (2023) will give good fortunes to the people.

"Pravachana Raja Hamsa’’ Dhulipala Mahadeva Mani, a noted Sanskrit and Telugu pandit, maintained that the year’s name is "Sobhanakruthu" and not "Sobha Kruthu." It portends auspicious events. However, he forecast that after Sankranti in January 2024, there will be major negative developments in the state as well as the country. People should be on alert, hold on to prayers and lead a righteous life.

Mahadeva Mani maintained that due to the impact of planets, black colour crops will grow well this year.

Almanac writer and Bhuvaneswari Peetham Seer released the "Kala Chakram’’ almanac,  Chinta Gopi Sarma Siddanthi predicted political disturbances in the state as well as the country. He said India may face trouble from other countries.
Sistla Uma Maheswara Rao (Sarma), the Sistla almanac author, said due to Mercury’s ruling, there will be cordial relations among people. He forecast that many people, in particular political leaders and influential persons, may fall in honey traps. They must therefore be careful as Venus becomes the minister in this year.

Uma Maheswara Rao said due to Moon’s positive impact, pearls, gold, conch and other prices may increase. Production of jaggery, sugar, milk, curd and karpuram will increase. Their prices will also increase as cows and cattle will be saved by "Balarama’’.

He predicted that there will be calamities like earthquakes and cyclones in France, Germany and England. Some countries may face terrorist attacks.