Black marketing of passes troubles spectators at Indian Racing League

Update: 2022-11-20 18:26 GMT
Pass of the Indian Racing League. (Photo By Arrangement)

HYDERABAD: While the Indian Racing League received tremendous response from the city in general, there were many who looked to make a quick buck by selling passes in black for exorbitant prices.

A group of people, not wishing to be identified, told Deccan Chronicle that they bought the passes for Rs. 3,000 each. The group, which was seated in the stands, realised that it had been duped only after interacting with the reporter, as the tickets for the stands the members were seated in cost Rs. 1,199 each.

They were further infuriated as many people were allowed to walk in for free to fill the stands for the event.

“I requested the cops to allow me in as my child started crying and wanted to see what was happening on the road. They obliged and sent me in,” a woman in the stands said.

There was also confusion among spectators as those with passes mentioning Gate 6 were seated in the Platinum Class (Gate 4), while those with VIP passes were standing outside lounges to enter.

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